Painless Hair Removal Methods

Nono hair removal technology offers incredible results to those who want to remove unwanted hair painlessly. It’s a hair removal product which ensures that hair does not grow back! The product has been clinically proven to be effective and it’s potent enough to ensure that hair does not regrow by up to 94 percent. It’s one of the best technologies for hair removal that’s available in the market which is developed by reputable firm and recommended by doctors from Harvard University.

No no hair removal is very different from other hair removal products in the market and it’s manufactured by Photomedex. This company has its footprints in the machines that are used in many high quality machines in use all over the world. The product is designed to offer excellent results in the convenience and privacy of your home.

The mechanism of action of this product is pretty simple. It works instantly to remove unwanted hair and also slows down the occurrence of hair regrowth. This ensures that you don’t remove hair more often. It’s very subtle and if applied, it can last for quite a number of weeks or even months. And even if the hair grows back later, it will be lighter, finer and sparser. Those who use it regularly report that there is no hair growing back.

This high quality and patented skin removal product uses Thermicon which is a heat based technology that works in a number of phases to reduce or slow down hair regrowth depending on how itfs used. The first phase entails gliding the no no hair removal product over your skin which will melt away hair in the most painless of ways. It’s portable and can do an extensive area within a short period of time. The second phase entails the transmission of painless heat pulse to the root of the hair and repeated use attack the coordination that exists between the root and bulb of the hair. Check this reference to see how this treatment fares compared with laser treatment or click this site for more.

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